Friday, April 30, 2010

Fordham it is!...for now

I've finally made a decision...sort of. Haha! Don't you just love sentences that start out like that?! But seriously, that's how I feel. Here's the scoop:

I found out at the end of March that I was wait-listed for NYU's School Counseling program. It was honestly a huge encouragement because being on a wait-list for a program that has 600+ applications for less than 100 spots (and only 35 for S.C.), it means that they actually think you can do it but don't really have room for you. For me it meant that I was/am on the right track in going for this degree. It felt like a bit of validation. Anyway, it was kind of sad, but anyway.... They explained in the info session I went to at NYU back in November, that if you're on the wait list, they cannot guarantee that you will hear back at any point. I could possibly hear the week before classes start in the fall. Eeek! Not cool...

So, in the meantime I was accepted to Fordham University's Graduate School of Education as a candidate for a MSE in School Counseling!  I'm pretty excited because that means I'm officially going to graduate school!  I went to an welcome reception for newly admitted students on Wednesday and I took the chance to meet my advisor, other newly admits, and decided to put my deposit down to attend Fordham.  Sweet.  The reason I say that I'm still not 100% on Fordham is that I could still hear back from NYU at any time and I kind of want to have a chance to decide between the two, rather than only having one option.  I have a feeling that even if I'm removed from the wait-list, Fordham is more "right" for me.  I also found out that for sure both non-matric classes I'm currently taking at NYU will count towards my Fordham core as long as I get a B or higher.  Since I'm expecting A-'s in both classes, I think I just made my life a lot easier!  Awesome!  The head of the department also shared that this year, Fordham had 400 applications for the only about 75 spots (~30 in the S.C. department) and that this year they will not be able to allow any wait listed students into the program. I do feel blessed to have gotten in to the school.

In summary, here are the next steps:

1) Take my only final at NYU on May 5th.
2) Start Summer I classes at Fordham on May 24th (Happy Birthday, Natalie!)--Research Methods in Counseling and Fundamentals of Educational and Psych Measurement.
3) Start Summer II classes at Fordham on July 6th--Introduction to Counseling I and Pre-Practicum in Counseling I
4) Start Fordham Fall term September 9 if I don't get off of NYU's wait list

So that's the big story. More life updates another time, like, Nathan and I aren't moving apartments anymore!  Awesome.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trinity Grace Turns 4!

I really liked this video. Feel like it gives a great snapshot of our church. Enjoy. Lemme know what you think! =)

On Our Fourth Anniversary from Trinity Grace Church on Vimeo.