Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our First Thanksgiving

Nathan and I hosted our first Thanksgiving this year.
It was somewhat by accident, but in the end was really a great time. I had to show off my table setting b/c for one, it was beautiful, and two, it was filled with wedding gifts! Note the lovely china, blown glass candlesticks, Simon Pierce bowl used as the centerpiece, the napkin rings and our silverware. All wedding presents! So, technically, our friends helped us set the table. It's really kinda neat!! :-)

We made our first turkey together and it turned out scrumptious! (Though, technically it was my second turkey because my first attempt was during my junior year of college when my roommate and I decided to host Thanksgiving for 10 friends in our apartment in West Village. That was a good turkey too!) We also made the stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes all from scratch. Yum! Anyway, it was a good time with my in-law's and a couple friends. Can't wait to see what next year brings! Hopefully other reasons to bring out the china!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sad day

today i found out that friend of mine is moving. this isn't all that unusual in the life of a twenty-something gal, this day in age! people move in and out of our lives like craziness. the part that makes it so sad for me is this is someone i have finally re-connected with after years of silence. we are both married now, live in the bay area after growing up in SoCal, and our husbands even get along with each other...heck, they're basically friends now. it's like ARGH...WHY, God, WHY!? i'm having one of those moments where I'm so totally thrilled for my friend and her husband's opportunity (which really is GREAT), but also at the same time feeling so sad and angry that it has to happen. this happened 8 years ago, under much much different circumstances, with this same friend. i don't think i cried about it last time because of my pride and my anger. tonight i did...because of my sadness and my joy.

anyway....this post didn't make much sense, but it's where i'm at. more later on the retreat that happened this past weekend. it was good.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So, I've had this blog now for over a year....notice how much I use it! yeah, it's pretty lame. Anyway, I've blogged on and off since 2001 and it's kind of sad that it's become such a low priority for me. It's a great way to keep in touch with family and friends that live far away, and it's a lot of fun--more personal than facebook (though this is linked to facebook). Anyway, I'm pondering the return, or actual start, of my first blog as a married lady. Should it happen??