Friday, December 31, 2010

Masters in Counseling & Guidance, Bilingual School Counseling

Wow.  A lot has happened since my last post.  It might have something to do with the fact that working full time and taking classes full time this summer took over my life.  I was at Fordham taking a full load of courses towards my Masters, since I was wait-listed at NYU. I decided to stay on the wait-list since I wasn't fully sure about Fordham.  NYU has a great program, and though on paper it's basically equal to Fordham, there isn't even a comparison in faculty.  Anyway, the short version is that the week I finished finals this summer at Fordham, I was accepted to NYU Steinhardt.  I was thrilled and torn.  I had made a couple great friends at Fordham and was getting comfortable there.  In the end, it didn't make since to turn down NYU's offer and I withdrew from Fordham and enrolled in NYU in August of this year.

Phew.  A long story.  I had a fantastic semester and especially enjoyed the diversity in my program.  My favorite class was Adolescent Development, taught by a Turkish professor who also did much of his work in Boston at Boston College.  So cool!  Many of you know that I am really excited about working with Latino high schoolers in urban schools.  I've wanted to get my bilingual extension but I thought that in order to enroll in the program, I needed to already be bilingual.  My friends in the bilingual program encouraged me to enroll because you just have to take an exam at the end of our program (in my case, May 2012.) to get the extension.  So I enrolled!  Wahoo!  I'm really excited about this, and am very motivated to get my Spanish to an advanced level.  I can understand about 90% of what's spoken to me and can respond in English.  That's not very helpful though, since I need to speak with families who don't understand English.  Haha!  Gotta get going on that.  I need an NYC based immersion program is what I need.

I'm back in the blogging world because I'm headed to London in less than 24 hours and want to keep my friends and family up to date with my adventures!  Thanks for reading and please leave some love!  I better get packing!!