Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drag Queens and the Rain

Phew!  Today was one of the most colorful days so far since being here.  This morning I woke up early and finished the assignment I was supposed to have finished last night (oops).  After emailing it in and then getting to class early (go, me!), I was told that our afternoon activity was canceled due to the rain.  Argh.  Though it would have been so annoying to be out in the rain all afternoon, I don't think next week (when it's rescheduled) will be any better.  I digress... So, I ended up in the rain most of the afternoon anyway because a couple girls from my class and I went on the hunt for an Italian place our professor recommended.  Honestly, it was not worth the 45 walk it took us to find the place.  Not horrible, but really not awesome.  I headed back to the apartment and chilled for the first time since....before Christmas.  It was nice, but short.

Tonight was the real story.  This course happens every January and they always go to a play or musical as part of the class activities.  My professor gave Nathan a ticket as well so that he could come with us, so he did!  Yay!  Though it would have been nice to go to a more typical production, we went to one that probably is more in line with our coursework than the rest.  We saw Pricilla, Queen of the Desert.  Wow.  That's all I can say.  Once the shock of the whole scene wears off, it's an incredible production.  The costumes were amazing and the 'dancing in my seat the whole musical' kind of music was fantastic as well.  I really loved it.  Probably not the best to take kids to and probably not for the sensitive or easily offended type either--but, great nonetheless.  Oh, and if you didn't know, it's a musical about three drag queens and their bus (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) as they drive across the desert of Australia to do a show at a casino.  After class, we grabbed some dinner with a few people from class.

I really love some of these people who are in the course.  I've become good pals with a drama therapy MA, a higher education administration MA, a music therapy MA and also a girl from my year who's in the mental health and wellness MA program.  There are more but I don't want to go too crazy with my list.  I am having a great time and so glad that I decided to do this class.  This weekend I'm looking forward to Marc & Albert joining us for two days of fun-filled London touring...starting tomorrow!!!  Below is a picture of the theatre.  I'm pretty sure it's the place where Les Mis used to be shown.

I guess that wasn't the most interesting post. Oh well.  I don't want to skip a day b/c otherwise who knows if I'll post again, you know? Thanks for the messages many of you are sending me telling me you're reading!  Love it and love you!  Sweet dreams.



  1. I WANTED TO GO SEE THAT WHEN I WAS THERE!!!! omg I'm so glad you loved it!! hehehe i'm a teensy bit jeally. xoxo, your seeeester

  2. I saw the movie version of Priscilla in college. It was crazy/amazing/surprising but mostly just crazy. The real question is... did they have the ping pong balls in the musical?

  3. @Emma, well it should def be on the top of ur list next visit. Hilarious. @Beata, the answer is yes. Yikes.


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