Sunday, March 22, 2009


This week has been filled with goodbyes. I was thinking of posting some pictures of it...but sadly, I have not taken one single photo. That's cool.

I finished work on Wednesday of last week, but the annoying thing was that I ended up having to work all day on Thursday and 3 hours on Friday, just to finish everything that needed to be finished. It was nice being at the school when it was empty on Wednesday. Some students showed up around 3 and helped with some things like stuffing envelopes, etc. Bob Yapp was there for most of it on Thursday and so was Kim. Kim actually helped me for something like 2 hours stuffing envelopes and going and getting me sticky "sign here" labels. (Thanks so much, Kim!!) It's really a bittersweet thing to leave that school. It's amazing how much you can learn in just two years at a place. I love those kids, and I really hope that my next working experience will be just as rewarding. I do know, either way, Mid-Pen has really trained me to be able to take on anything. Oh, I should probably mention that my co-workers were great too. Daisy was the best last year, and I was so sad when she left. Boo Hoo! Then Kim came, and seriously, Kim saved my life (thanks, Kim!). Eliza and Andrea were totally a blast this year and there's about a million inside jokes that came outta that. I loved working with Julia and how she saved my life on many occasions with the yearbook class. Thank God it's going to be in good hands now that I'm gone. Anna was great too. I never ended up painting with her Studio Art class, but knowing that I could if I wanted to was enough to feel included. =) Barb was a great boss...much learned and much gained working with her. Seriously, whoever gets to work for Barb now that I'm gone is a lucky person. Barbara is brilliant, and though she would never bost about herself in this way, she's got SO MUCH experience in schools she really adds so much to Mid-Pen. People should give her more credit. Okay, so I could write about all my co-workers, but I won't because this will get long and people won't read it. Haha.

So, here's the schedule: Today--packing; high school small group; night church; Monday--packing all day; drinks with work people; small group; Tuesday--loading the truck all day (anyone wanna come help?); Wednesday--truck leaves; lunch with Jan & Caleb; cleaning apartment; Thursday--need to buy shoes; getting ready to fly to NY; Friday--7am flight to JFK; Saturday--Brooke's bridal shower; Sunday--get into the city; Monday--get keys to new apartment; meet up with Nathan; sleep in our apt for the first time as a resident of Manhattan. Phew! Insanity.

I'll try to post more in the future. xx


  1. I'll miss you for sure- where am I gonna go now when I have to ask dumbass computer questions that I know I should know the answer to by now but I just don't, ok, so please don't make fun of me kind of questions- and thank you for never making me feel like an idiot when I asked the above forementioned questions... xxoo

  2. Looking forward to lunch on Wednesday :) And yay, I found my way to your new blog finally. Will update the link on my page!


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