Friday, August 7, 2009

Before: After

The long awaited post of apartment pix. Nathan and I have now lived in the city for over 4 months. I can safely say that we're not only starting to feel more at home, but very much settled. Now that the last of the boxes (that conveniently hide in the corners) have been sorted, I took some shots of the place so you can all enjoy our little home. Enjoy!

Bedroom, Mid-Move In:

Bedroom, After:
(View from Closet)

(View from Far Corner)

(View from Balcony through the door is the small hallway with bathroom to the left, kitchen to the right)


(Complete w/ our discounted IKEA furniture! View facing the Financial District...Ground Zero would be just to the left of that tall black building)

Kitchen, Mid-Move In:
Kitchen, After:

Living Room/Dining Area/Etc, Before Move-In:

Living Room/Dining Area/Etc, After:
(Living Room)

(View of Living/Dining Room through the kitchen)

(View of Kitchen from the Dining area...there are two bar stools at the counter space)

The End. We have some lovely pix taken from out balcony that I'll post later. For now, that should be enough to satisfy my friends that keep buggin' me about these. Haha.

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