Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Yesterday, Nathan and I purchased our tickets home to California for Christmas! Yay! We're officially going to be in California from December 23-January 5! Longer story below...

The way this happened was definitely a "God-thing" as I call it. Nathan and I used his Delta Miles to be able to both fly roundtrip to SFO for his graduation. It was perfect. Just $10 for both of us to go to NorCal for like 5 days and enjoy time with family, etc. We weren't sure how things would work out for Christmas, but you take things as they come, you know? Anyway, we only had like a few thousand miles left in Nathan's account and none in mine. My miles from our Africa trip in 2008 still had not been posted. The delay was because of Delta's inane rules for name changing on SkyMiles accounts. They require all sorts of specific paperwork including a copy of our marriage license, etc, and I hadn't dealt with it 6 months after our trip (when they say posting back-dated miles expires). I finally sent the name change paperwork in a few weeks ago and decided that I could email them my request and explain the situation because honestly, there was NO WAY we could afford to get home for Christmas unless we could get a miles trip. What's the worst they could say!? No?

A day after my request, Delta posted my miles AND returned 29,000 miles they had removed earlier this month for "inactivity" of my account. Praise God, seriously. With a couple thousand miles from my dad, we purchased our tickets yesterday and are headed west to escape the winter this December.

Now....can God work some of that miracle wonder in the area of my employment!?

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