Thursday, August 13, 2009

River Cruise w/ Arup

Last night was really fun. Nathan and I have gone to a couple mixer things in the city with a couple different groups, and last night was really the first fun one. It was with an engineering group that a bunch of Arup ppl are part of so it was a boat full of engineers. Yeah, before you judge, engineers can really knock the drinks back. So hilarious. Like really. They even brought booze in their bags. Outta control. (smart, though. cheaper.) The cruise was called the BMW cruise because the yacht went up the East River under the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg Bridges. It then turned around and went up to the Statue of Liberty, up the Hudson a bit, and then back to the dock. All in all, it was a decent cruise and the weather actually got better later in the evening. I got to meet a couple of Nate's co-workers that I think are really cool. One of them took some pix that included me and Nate. Not necessarily the best shots but shows some of the fun.

Just getting on the yacht.

The boat started moving so we took dinner to the table.

My new friend, Wendy! She's so cute! That's Manhattan in the background.

Nate & I (kinda an awkward shot) with Lady Liberty.

An attempt at doing a Asian tourist shot. Also slightly awk.

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