Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Minor League Visit: the Staten Island Yankees

Tonight was a Stanford Young Alumni event at the Staten Island Yankees. The SI Yanks are one of the Yankees feeder teams, so even though it was totally WRONG to step foot in that stadium, we decided it was a NY experience and we'd cheer for the Auburn DoubleDays (a Blue Jays feeder team). It ended up being kinda hilarious. We first took the SI ferry to get there and then found the group section. Turns out only about 10 people from the group showed up and we had to akwardly figure out who was with Stanford and who wasn't. (for some reason we all kinda thought there'd be some Stanford Alumni Rep with a nerdy sign or something...not quite.) Haha. Here are a few things I learned about minor league games (to be fair, it's really just about the Yanks minors):

1) Attendance: Very Low. It might have been "sold out" but half the stadium was empty and it was a TINY stadium.

2) Games: Lots. And by games, I mean games in between EVERY inning. There was a Lemonheads competition to see which baby had the best pucker after drinking lemon juice; there was a family race where the families had to walk together on long skiis; there was a "Tired" out race where two guys ran around the bases wearing inflatable tires (3 of them) around their bodies; there was a 70's dance off between two guys; the mascots traded off doing dances; there was the obligatory race on the screen b/t the ferry boats (I picked green...but orange one...eek!); etc. I'm not exaggerating here.

3) Food: Bizzare. They have two huge all you can eat sections but they only involve hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, and crazy long lines. Turns out that half the stadium buys an all you can eat ticket. I say bizzare just because that was the majority of available food, and they ran out of ketchup (a sin!).

4) Bathrooms: Few. I didn't even end up using one. (shocker!)

5) Action: Very little.

Okay, enough of that. All in all, it was fun and seriously, the last inning was awesome when the DoubleDays almost came back to win it....and then didn't. The fireworks show at the end was AMAZING! A legit show! Here are a couple pix from our phones.

Here's a little video of the fireworks...and my slightly embarrassing dancing:

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  1. Mer, your observations fairly accurately describe most of the minor league games I've been to. Good work categorizing the craziness.



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